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Softspoken and withdrawn, Abduco is the mysterious fifth guardian of The Book of Shadows.

Originally a soldier for hire during the Cold War era, Abduco has fought countless battles, always selling his lethal services to the highest bidder. Many lives were taken in the name of profit.


But eventually those gruesome memories began to take their toll. The spirits of his victims plagued his conscience and haunted his dreams. Tormented by guilt and regret, Abduco was driven to the brink of insanity by his blood-soaked demons.


Desperately seeking solace and inner peace, he fled his beloved homeland and abandoned his vast fortune in order to escape his past and start a new life. Retiring to the deserts of the American Southwest, he lived a solitary life, with an old guitar as his only friend.


After many years, he once again heard the call for glory whispering in his ear. Hanging a six shooter on his waste and his trusty six string on his back, he made a name for himself among many dusty towns as a man of action and few words.

But this time, he fought for justice rather than profit. He saved many lives and the towns began to hale him as a hero. 


Abduco gains power from relics he collects off his defeated enemies. His mask is made of demon hide. His hat once belonged to a demonic voodoo priest and is adorned with the feathers of a harpy. His jacket was taken from the corpse of a deranged sorceress.


Abduco's legendary heroics eventually caught the attention of the Brotherhood and he was brought into the group, where he has proven a valuable ally in the war against evil. To this day, he continuously struggles to right his wrongs and atone for his past sins.


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