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The Book of Shadows - an ancient manuscript that holds the secrets of the universe. The words contained within the book speak of great truths and terrible lies. Incredibly powerful with great destructive capabilities, it must not fall into the wrong hands. The forces of evil seek to obtain the Book and use it to further their wicked plans, but seven guardians, known as Shadow13, have sworn to protect the Book with their lives. The ancient powers of the Book can be used for good as well as evil. Shadow13 travels the world and preach its wisdom to those who will listen.

Over the centuries, they have met many people and affected many lives. From their subterranean base in Antarctica they keep a constant vigil, guarding against evil and protecting the world from harm. Shadow13 have saved the earth and its people from destruction countless times. When your time comes and you finally find yourself face to face with the seven guardians of the Book of Shadows, your life will be changed forever.


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