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Brutal, ruthless and prone to violence, people say Genji is one of the most dangerous men in the world. They would be right. Dead right. 

A mercenary with a past as mysterious as his future, this soldier of fortune has joined the Brotherhood as the third guardian of the Book of Shadows. A man of action and few words, he's known as the "The Enforcer" because he makes things happen. His comrades don't always approve of is violent methods, but they can't deny that he gets effective results. His lethal skills have proven more than once to be a valuable asset to the group. 

Emotionless and coldly calculating, nothing escapes his attention. When he wants something, he gets it, end of story. To him, the ends always justify the means, however gruesome they may be. If you don't see things his way, you will soon. Resistance is futile and crossing him would be the last mistake you ever made.


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