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Silent, agile and efficient, this ninja is the ultimate killing machine. Garbed in all black, he becomes the shadows and flows like liquid, striking his opponents down with impunity. Whether it's his trusty katana, a stealthy wakizashi or even a kitchen spoon, any weapon is a lethal one in the hands of this deadly assassin. 


This master of Ninjutsu is the fourth guardian of the Book of Shadows. Hailing from a remote village in a distant land, Kage has traveled far and wide on a quest to put his skills to the ultimate test. His body is a weapon of mass destruction, but he must keep his powers in check and learn to better control them. Obligated by the moral code of Ninpo, he is bound by honor to protect the righteous and destroy the corrupt. When judgment day comes, which side will you be on? You're either with him, or you're dead.


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