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Cherry blossoms dance playfully in the wind. The sweet aroma of plums and orchids tingle the senses. The sound of temple bells echo across the countryside. Kitsune is the embodiment of beauty, harmony and life. In her presence, birds sing, laughter fills the air and the world is at one. 


She has traveled far from her native land in order to join the Brotherhood as the second guardian of the Book of Shadows. Kitsune brings a balance to the group, providing peace when there is chaos, comfort when there is distress and compassion when there is indifference. She is a mediator, a mentor and a friend to the other members. Through her guidance, the group functions as a whole, rather than as six individuals. An angel among demons, her passive and nonviolent nature belies the fact that she is the most powerful member of the group. Behind her expressionless porcelain mask is the face of true elegance.

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