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It was the year 2377. A corrupt coalition of men formed a powerful group known as The Corporation, purposed to wipe out the Shadow13 vigilantes and gain the unfathomable knowledge of the universe...and they succeeded. The Book of Shadows had fallen into the wrong hands, pages turned, and history began to re-write itself.


In hopes to put a stop to The Corporation, a brilliant mind stumbled upon the blueprints to his ultimate dream. A military suit to help combat the coalition. But when engineering the device, he was flung into the time space continuum, and found himself plummeting from the blue, Earth sky; A lapse back through time. As he awoke from his crash, he found himself fused into the suit and in the middle of a South Western roadhouse. Hopelessly wandering a strange new world, he decided to find the current Shadow13 guardians and warn them of the evil yet to come.


Half man, half mech. Roadhouse is the newest addition to the guardians and with knowledge beyond our time, he holds the key to saving us all.


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