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One part insanity, one part genius. One part man, one part monster. The first guardian of the Book of Shadows is a strange and complex character. 


Rumored to have a tragic past, Shadow has severed all ties to his previous life and has completely dedicated himself to the Brotherhood. Eager to begin a new life as a guardian, he adopted the name and persona of Shadow, which serves as a constant reminder of his duties to the Book.


No one has ever seen his true face because he keeps it hidden behind a stone mask. The last remnants of his humanity are locked away behind its cruel eyes and wicked grin. His neurotic and compulsive tendencies often put him at odds with his more laidback comrades. His impish behavior, flamboyant personality and total lack of inhibitions often get him into trouble. The trickster of the group, he often torments his teammates with pranks and practical jokes.


Despite his unpredictable nature and borderline mental disorders, Shadow's dedication and unwavering loyalty serve as a driving force behind the group. Until everyone in the world has been converted to his cause, his quest to spread the Book's message will continue.


You had better pray that you never meet the creature behind the mask, because when you do, your life will be forever changed.


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